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  • Model 4000
  • brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (1)
    • Combination disk and drum
    • 300 pounds, very rugged
    • Reconditioned and tested
    • Bench is optional
    • All standard accessories included
    • Optional truck adaptors
    • Optional Hubless rotor adaptor
    • Also in stock, Model 7000 rotor lathe and two machines set on double bench
    • $3,000.00
  • Have one very late "B" model, square top at $3,500.00
brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (2) Hunter BL505 Digital brake lathe. Very little us on it. Original condition. 90 day warranty.

Includes nice set of adaptors. digital readout. THIS ONE IS SOLD, BUT WE HAVE ANOTHER ONE THAT IS SIMILIAR

brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (3)


  • Heavy duty construction

  • 110volt, 50/60 Hz. power brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (4)
  • Standard passenger car and pickup adapters included

  • Handles light & medium trucks, optional adapters available.

  • Heavy duty bench is included

  • Easy to operate EASY TO SELF SERVICE

  • Service available through Snap-On (R)

  • Sturdy 1" shaft

  • Hubless adapter optional

  • $2,500.00 Including Bench


Capacity- Drums 6" to 28"

Rotors 6" to 20" diameter 150mm to 510 mm

2" thick

Spindle speeds: 105 and 180 RPM

Feeds Power crossfeed (disks) .003" (.076 mm) per spindle revolution

Drums: .005" (.127 mm) and .0125" (.318 mm) per spindle revolution

Motor: 1 HP 115-230 volt 50/60 Hz. 1 Phase

brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (5)
brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (6)
brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (7)

All the Features to Precision Resurface Automobile And Truck Rotors, Drums, And Flywheels Fast And Accurately

(Video) Best Brake Lathe Tool Bit for Brake Rotor Surface Finishing

  • brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (8)
    • These are late model machines.
    • Includes steel bench
    • Available New and Used
    • Complete with adaptors
    • Heavy duty construction
    • Cuts drums and rotors
    • Easy to use
    • Reconditioned, beauty

    Beautifully reconditioned price is only $2,600.00 Bench is $200.00 extra

  • CLICK here to see Specifications Hofmann lathe

brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (9)

ACCU-TURN 8944 Multi-speed Disk and Drum lathe

(Video) Brake Lathe -- Resurface Disc Rotors and Brake Drums with Ranger BendPak

Used Accu-turn combination lathe with bench. Multi-speed model 8944, heavy duty.Refurbished and in beautiful condition. Looks almost new. Includes bench and all standardadaptors. Very fast one cut operation. Adjustable spindle speeds and infinitelyvariable cross speed. This is Accu-turn's "premium"model. Can be reconfigured to turn truck drums and rotors. This is the lathe of"Choice" for many top rated auto repair shops. One cut in half thetime. $3,000.00 Bench is $200.00 extra (Also have several Accu-turn Rotor ONLY models priced at $1,800.00)

brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (10)
Rotor Capacity

Maximum width of Surface

Maximum Thickness

4" to 24" 102mm to 510mm

4.5inch 114mm

2 1/4 inch 57mm

Drum Capacity

Depth Of Cut

6" to 28" 152mm to 711mm

10" 254mm

Flywheel Capacity

Friction Surface Capacity

6" to 24" 152mm to 610mm

6inch 152mm

Drum, rotor, weight Max.

Standard Arbor

Heavy duty Arbor

Heavy duty with support

150pounds 68kg.

300 pounds 136kg.

600 pounds 273kg.

Spindle Speed 52 to 105 RPM
Feeds Per Revolution: Rotor

Drum feed per revolution

0.0030inch 0.077mm

0.0046 inch 0.117mm 0.234mm

Motor 1 H.P.
Weight 500 pounds 227kg.
brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (11) brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (12)

Click to see Van Norman® 305H Truck Drum Lathe

Click for photos Brake shoe grinders, riveters, liner, deliner

(Video) SCC Automotive Training - Pro Cut On Car Brake Lathe


brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (13)
  • STAR Air Powered
  • Tooling included
  • Brakes and clutches
  • Heavy duty
  • Reconditioned
brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (14) AMMCO® model 7000 ROTOR lathe. Only does rotors, High speed, easy to operate. FAST, ACCURATE ROTOR MOUNTING. Sold WITHOUT the bench. The bench is OPTIONAL. Included are the standard adaptors. HANDLES ROTORS UP TO 19.5" (501.6MM) AND UP TO 1 3/4" WIDE (44.45MM) THE OPEN END DESIGN PERMITS RECONDITIONING MANY FLANGED TRUCK ROTORS.

Optional adaptors are available for Hubless rotors and trucks.

Reconditioned Ammco® Truck drum lathe with bench and Outboard support for huge truck dual wheels, loads of adaptors.
Reconditioned Ammco® Truck drum lathe and Ammco® 7000 rotor lathe on a bench. Two machines, one for car and truck drums, one for car and truck rotors.
  • Reconditioned, like new
  • Extremely rugged brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (15)
  • Known world wide
  • Easy to operate
  • Standard adaptors included
  • Truck adaptors available
  • Includes floor base

We also stock many different truck lathes.

brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (16) brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (17)
brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (18)
  • Models by VBG®, Hunter® in stock
  • Reconditioned, very nice condition
  • Saves time, cuts smooth
  • Includes standard adaptors

Price $1,000.00 save thousands over a new one.

VGB Procut reconditioned and beautiful, 90 day warranty $1,000.00
Procut Black On-Car-Lathe, reconditioned and beautiful, 90 day warranty $1,650.00

ProCut 9.0 computerized On-Car-Lathe. reconditioned and beautiful. 90 day warranty $2,500.00
(Video) Can You Machine a Flywheel with a Brake Lathe??
ProCut 9.2 computerized On-Car-Lathe. reconditioned and beautiful. 90 day warranty $3,000.00
ProCut 9.2 DRO computerized On-Car-Lathe. reconditioned and beautiful. 90 day warranty $4,000.00
Used "ProCut®" Black on-the-car-lathe. Beautiful original condition. Very little use. Call for best price.$1,650.00 brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (19)
brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (20)
brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (21) brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (22)
Reconditioned Hunter® On-The-Car rotor lathe. Easy to operate, famous Hunter quality. Only $1,400.00 delivered. brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (23)
brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (24) brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (25)
brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (26) brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (27)



The BRC480 provides the benefits of both caliper-mount and hub-mount lathes! The ultimate solution for modern On-Car brake repair! Two lathes in one, for less than the price of a good bench lathe!

Caliper-mounted or hub-mounted, which is the best? RTI's caliper-mount lathes are the best at producing "near zero" runout automatically and can be used if the bearing is, or can be, pre-loaded. RTI's hub-mount lathes can be used in more applications than caliper-mount lathes, but hub-mount lathes are more difficult to set up in order to eliminate runout below 0.001" (0.025mm). Therefore, in reality, some vehicle brake jobs benefit from a caliper-mount lathe, while in other applications, a hub-mount lathe is ideal. Fortunately, RTI has the solution!

With RTI's new "hub arm" technology, a combination caliper-mount/hub-mount hybrid has been developed to give you the best of both worlds. The special aluminum hub arm with heavy-duty roller bearings allows the new BRC40 Caliper-Mount Mini Lathe to be used as an hub-mount lathe. The hub arm is called the BRC440. It works very much like the RTI BRC450 Hub-Mount Lathe, except it uses the same cutting head and drive as the BRC40. When the BRC440 is used with the BRC40 Mini Lathe, it is called the BRC480.

For vehicles with pre-loaded bearings, simply choose the caliper-mount setup, insert the listed adapter, install cylinder clamps, and resurface the rotor with unbelievable precision. For other vehicles, install the hub arm, perform the rapid runout compensation setup and go! It's that simple! The RTI Dual On-Car Lathe provides you with the best solution for any need!


The most advanced caliper-mount on-car brake lathe available!

The BRC40 is designed to provide "total alignment" that even exceeds OEM specs!

  • Auto in and out Feed

  • Auto in-feed stop

  • Synchronized Speed/Feed

  • Multi-Directional

  • Automatic precision!

  • Fits majority of all cars with very few adapters!

  • Approved by over twenty large automobile manufacturers and service chains worldwide!

The RTI BRC40 is caliper-mounted, ensuring that the machined disc surface will be virtually parallel to the disc brake pad plane. This and the micro-finish created by the variable feed and speed, guarantees the maximum contact of brake pad to disc surface area possible. Runout, thickness variation, pedal pulsation, and adverse steering symptoms are eliminated. Brake performance is enhanced and comebacks are eliminated. No other lathe at any price offers so much precision!

A major advantage of the BRC40 over other units is fast setup and simple operation. In terms of productivity and revenue per minute, this lathe has no equal. It can be set up in minutes and can be operated by any technician with average skills and average experience with normal auto shop tools. Any technician who can change pads is capable of producing high quality results with the BRC40. Simply choose and insert the listed adapter, install twin cylinder clamps, set feed and speed and go!

The BRC40 is fully capable of handling preloaded front wheel bearing applications, as well as many rear rotors. The BRC40 is more flexible and is able to service more rear applications because of the ability of its Mini Lathe to fit in tighter access rear wheel wells.

brake lathe, used, reconditioned, automotive service, tools, (28) AMMCO® model 710 on car rotor lathe. One is available as shown, without cutter head or adaptors. Price is 500.00

One is available almost new condition with cutter head and adaptors. Very nice original condition. Price is 1,800.00


Is it worth buying a brake lathe? ›

Though brake lathes may have a certain appeal (since there's nothing like the bite of brake pad on fresh, clean rotors), they're most appropriate for professional garages. It's unlikely that people who simply prefer to work on their own cars would yield enough benefit from a personal brake lathe to be worthwhile.

Can you resurface a flywheel on a brake lathe? ›

There are two prescribed methods to refinish a flywheel: turning on a lathe or grinding with an application specific machine. Many try to turn a flywheel on a brake lathe but the industry frowns on that procedure. It is very difficult to accurately chuck the flywheel to a brake lathe.

What are the two types of brake lathes? ›

A brake lathe is used to correct the thickness of a rotor after issues with vibration or noise problems after a period of heavy brake use. After continuous uneven contact with the brake pad on the rotor, the brake pad can damage the rotor. There are two types of brake lathes- on-car and off-car lathes.

How much should I spend on a lathe? ›

Entry-level lathes, suitable for DIY and small-scale applications, can cost between $100 and $10,000, while a professional CNC lathe can go well over $5,00,000. Generally, wood lathes are comparatively cheaper than metal lathes, and a good wood lathe can cost you around $200-$5,000.

Can you reuse a flywheel without resurfacing? ›

Flywheels with cosmetic wear may be reused without resurfacing.

Can a brake lathe cut both sides of a rotor at the same time? ›

IMPORTANT: You must cut only one side at a time. Cut the inboard side of the rotor first (outboard cutting bit NOT touching rotor), and then make a second pass to cut the outboard side of the rotor (inboard cutting bit not touching rotor). Do not engage both inboard and outboard cutting tips at the same time.

Why an on-car brake lathe is used instead of an off car lathe? ›

On-car lathes are designed to compensate for runout problems, and do not require major disassembly of the hub and rotor on captive rotor brake systems.

What is the biggest problem with drum brakes? ›

Drum brake disadvantages

Under hard braking, the diameter of the drum increases slightly due to thermal expansion, the driver must press the brake pedal farther. Brake shoes can overheat to the point where they become glazed. Excessive brake drum heating can cause the brake fluid to vapourise.

What are the disadvantages of manual lathe? ›

The main disadvantage of using a lathe machine is that it requires frequent maintenance due to its high precision. This means regular cleaning and oiling must be done to continue working properly.

What can you do with a brake lathe? ›

As an essential piece of equipment for tire dealerships and vehicle repair shops, brake lathes perform the important function of machining vehicle brake drums and resurfacing brake rotors.

What are the 3 types of lathe? ›

Types of Lathes Simplified
  • Speed Lathe. Used primarily for woodturning, metal spinning and polishing, a speed lathe is a high-speed spindle used to make everything from bowls and baseball bats to furniture parts. ...
  • Engine Lathe. ...
  • Turret Lathes. ...
  • Tool Room Lathe. ...
  • CNC Lathes.
Jun 30, 2020

How often should a lathe be serviced? ›

You should check any heavy machinery frequently to ensure the safety of the user. Not to mention the cost of having to replace machinery that could be prevented through proper maintenance. You should be checking over your lathe machine monthly for any minor maintenance and complete maintenance check every six months.

Why are lathes so expensive? ›

As woodworking tools go, lathes can get expensive, here is why. Lathes are so expensive because the cast iron bodies, motors and parts used to build them are costly to produce. There is a lot of labor involved machining parts and calibrating the final assembled lathe adding to the cost. Shipping also plays a role.

What is a good wood to turn on a lathe? ›

Walnut wood is one of the best for use on a lathe. You can easily get some incredible results from turning this wood on a lathe between 800 to 1,000 RPM. It may not be the easiest wood to turn since it is quite tough and has an end grain that can prove difficult to sand.

What is the most common lathe? ›

The engine lathe is considered as the most common type of manual lathes, which are widely used in all machine shop applications. The engine lathe or center lathe can perform operations such as turning, end face, grooving, knurling, and threading.

How fast should I run my lathe? ›

The wood lathe speed rule of thumb is – do not to exceed 1,000 RPMs. One thousand RPMs seems to be a magical point at which bowl blanks either go up or down if they come off the lathe. If the speed is under 1,000 RPMs, then a dislodged bowl blank is supposed to fall to the floor.

What grit sandpaper for brake rotors? ›

Over time, brake pads (and rotors) can glaze over, and brake performance will suffer. A quick fix is to remove the pads and lightly rub them across clean sandpaper. You don't want too fine a grit — a grit of 120 or below will do the job well.

What is the downside to drilled and slotted rotors? ›

Drilled & slotted brake rotors are also are fine for general use in street vehicles. Cons: Drilled & slotted rotors are not recommended for performance racing since the drilling makes them vulnerable to cracking.

How much does it cost to lathe brake rotors? ›

How Much Does It Cost To Turn/Resurface Rotors? Labor rates can vary, but expect to pay around $200 per axle for resurfacing brake rotors. You can save on labor by removing the rotors yourself and taking them to a shop.

Does O Reilly resurface flywheels? ›

Flywheel Resurfacing

It is recommended that you have the flywheel on your vehicle ground when your clutch is being replaced to ensure a complete repair and like-new clutch performance. Our machine shops can grind flat and recessed flywheel surfaces, as well as truck, VW, and R&R ring gear flywheels.

Why shouldn't you resurface a dual mass flywheel? ›

Dual Mass Flywheels can NEVER be resurfaced. Grinding grit can and will get into the internal parts and quickly destroy the flywheel once it is reinstalled and in use. You must either replace the flywheel with a new Dual Mass Flywheel or, if the option is available, convert to a single mass solid flywheel replacement.

What happens if you don't machine your flywheel? ›

Flywheels also help keep your engine running smoothly even when torque varies during gear changes. Without the momentum of the flywheel, the engine would likely stall when engaging the clutch. This is because the engine speed would drop too quick without the angular momentum of the flywheel.

What happens if the brake rotor is machined too thin? ›

It takes as little as . 001 inches difference in thickness to notice when driving and braking. If rotors are machined too thin, they can damage brake parts. By machining the rotors to the maximum level, rotors will overheat, fade, and lose stopping power.

How much metal should be machined from a brake disc? ›

The two possible answers above are based on a “rule of thumb” that there should be at least . 030 inches of remaining material on a rotor if it is to be machined.

Can a hubless brake drum Cannot be machined? ›

A hubless brake drum cannot be machined because it cannot be held in a lathe. The major reason for brake pedal pulsation during braking is due to excessive rotor thickness variation.

Should you replace both rotors if one is bad? ›

Replacing one worn-out rotor usually means replacing both rotors on the vehicle, since they usually experience the same amount of wear. Many brake experts recommend replacing both rotors at the same time (even if one is still “good”) to maintain even braking side-to-side.

What is the difference between a bench brake lathe and an on the car brake lathe? ›

A bench lathe is necessary to resurface rotors and drums. An on-car lathe is also a great tool for turning troublesome rotors on vehicles that are sensitive to rotor runout issues, and those with captured rotors.

Which tool is used to measure the thickness of a brake rotor? ›

This micrometer is used for precisely measuring thickness of brake rotor surfaces. It provides accurate, quick measurements.

What two main advantages of an on vehicle lathe versus a bench lathe? ›

Instead of having a technician standing idle at the bench lathe, an on-car lathe enables the tech to prepare one side while it is machining the other. “Since machining rotors by nature is not the most profitable for a shop, maximizing wrench time while the vehicle is on the rack helps control costs,” said Kennedy.

Can you resurface brake rotors on car? ›

Resurfacing Your Rotors

Sometimes your rotors may need to be resurfaced because they have worn unevenly, warped from heat, or become damaged by worn brake pads or pitted from corrosion or rust. Resurfacing rotors removes some of their metal, until the surface is smooth and even again.

Why do you face off on a lathe? ›

Facing off a part on the centre lathe is the process of creating a smooth end face. This removes any marks that may be present from previous cutting operations such using a hacksaw to cut the bar to a rough length.

Why don't cars use drum brakes anymore? ›

Safety. Because of their superior heat capacity, discs are arguably safer than drums. But most of the braking power comes from your front brakes. Even in panic stops, your rear brakes get less stress and less heat than your front brakes.

What is the lifespan of drum brakes? ›

As a result, most people are unfamiliar with how drum brakes work or when to replace them. The good news is brake drums are built to last 100K to 150K miles and are easy to maintain. However, the parts inside the drum need to be inspected and serviced more frequently.

How many years do drum brakes last? ›

Drum brakes are generally expected to last between 150,000 to 200,000 miles with proper care and maintenance. Their brake shoes generally need to be replaced about every 30,000 to 40,000 miles. Of course, the conditions your vehicle is exposed to over time will have an impact on drum brakes' wear, too.

Is it worth machining rotors? ›

Although some people machine rotors to extend rotor life, there are downsides to resurfacing rotors instead of replacing them. Machining can lead to poorer quality rotors and safety issues. The process is also time-consuming and can be difficult to do correctly.

Is it cheaper to turn rotors or replace? ›

It is often more economical to simply replace a rotor than to have it resurfaced, saving you time and money. Or in the case that you neglected the warning signs that your brake pads needed to be replaced, leaving your rotors damaged from grinding metal to metal contact.

How long do machined rotors last? ›

Many factors determine how long your rotors will last, but you can generally expect them to require replacing somewhere between 30,000 and 70,000 miles of driving. For an average driver covering 12,000 miles per year, this means that brake rotors may need replacing anytime between 2 1/2 years and six years of driving.

How much should I charge for a brake job? ›

Labor to service brakes can run from $90 to $200 per hour. Brake service generally runs approximately $200 to $500 per axle at a professional center.

Can you skim brake discs on a lathe? ›

FACT: Yes you do! You can of course skim discs off the car, using a bench lathe. But why would you want to spend time removing the disc and then refitting it? And more importantly, off-car machining doesn't take account of any hub run-out or unwanted particles between mating surfaces.

Why don t they resurface rotors anymore? ›

Rotors today are thinner, and made of lighter alloys than their counterparts from 7-10 years ago. That means you can't machine them as much, and it means they're more likely to be worn down before you change the brake pads. It also means that slight machining issues can cause drastic noises and vibrations.

Which operation Cannot be performed on lathe? ›

Drilling: Drilling is the production of cylindrical holes of definite diameters in workpieces by using a multi-point cutting tool called a 'drill'.

What is the most basic manual lathe? ›

The original and most basic type of manual lathe. An engine lathe holds a cylindrical workpiece on one or both ends. A flat, round workholding device often used to mount flat-bottomed workpieces. A faceplate is the most basic means of mounting a workpiece on the spindle of a lathe.

What are two safety precautions when using a lathe? ›

Keep hands away from stock while lathe is on. Stop lathe when using calipers or any type of gauge. Tools must be kept sharp for use. Don't use dull tools, report them to the supervisor.


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